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Ive been fascinated by watches for as far back as I can remember. My father took me to the jeweller whenever he would go and taught me a lot about brands and famous models.replica He had a small collection, and he would let me wear some of them once in a while C but only indoors and under his supervision!replica He is very protective of his watches. So, when I was in school and college, I continued to read about watches and check out the latest models and eventually saved up for my first watch.

Patek Philippe just introduced a new reference in their collection,replica which might easily become a future classic. The new ref. 5200G (the G refers to its white gold case) is part of the Gondolo collection and features an 8-Days manually wound movement with a day and date indicator.replica Albeit ref.Replica Patek Philippe watches 5200G is an entirely new model, it shares some similarities with two other Gondolo models, both the ref.5124 and the legendary ref.5100 10-Day Power reserveMillennium Edition, nicknamedManta Ray.

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Some of thefacts: 108 jewels,replica 32 bridges, 72 hours of power reserve for the movement, 30 hours of power reserve for the strikework, of course it's equipped with Patek's own Gyromax balance and Spiromax balance spring, which vibrate at a rhythm of 25,200 vph (2,5 Hz). Of course the entire movement is lavishly finished and decorated, replica watches for sale even if the owner will probably never get to see the movement.replica It comes with the Patek Philippe Seal, which says all about the impeccable level of finishing.

Theultra-thin (2.8 mm) and ultra-light (0.2 grams) flying tourbillon features Piaget's P. This is aparticularly delicate horological feat given the asymmetrical shape of this letter. Why? Well, Patek Philippe replica on such a tiny, light and delicate part of movement's regulating organ,replica the weight must be absolutely balanced to ensure a perfect chronometrical rate. If the tourbillon isn't balanced well,replica this will negatively affect the rate. Look at how Piaget designed the P in such way to ensure balance.

This is the result of the adoption by all the chronographs of the new base movement, designed and produced entirely in-house, the CH29-535 - the same base can be found in the 5170,replica the 5270 or the 5370. In thePatek Philippe 5204R, this base movement receives a split-seconds function and a perpetual calendar module.This movement that we already explained in details in the other 3 references is simply a feast for the eyes.replica It is deep, complex, extremely finished and technically impressive.

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